Touring Primeros Pinos In Argentina

Primeros Pinos is a small, quaint village in the Neuquén Province of Argentina. The village is not widely known even within the country, let alone internationally. This is mostly because Primeros Pinos is quite a new ski resort that was just developed a few years back. And unlike most of the other resorts in Argentina, this resort is tiny. In fact, there are only two tracks to ski on in the resort, and both are beginner friendly easy ones. This is another reason why Primeros Pinos is not popular. The easiness level of the trails means that the much more experienced skiers and snowboarders shy away from visiting this resort.

Tobbogans in order to enjoy the adrenaline.
Tobbogans in order to enjoy the adrenaline.

But this place is perfect for beginners. The slope gradient is really low and is therefore very easy to ski on. And, if you are someone who cannot even stand up properly with a pair of skis on, then you may look into the option of hiring an instructor. The instructors here are patient and friendly in the way they treat you. Even if it takes time, you will eventually get the hang of skiing with such an expert hand helping you out. If skiing is not at all your thing, then you can rent toboggans and ride on them. This is an exceptionally fun activity to do with your friends or family. It kind of feels like sitting on nature made roller coaster while sliding down the slope.

You can feel the calm in this photo.
You can feel the “serenity” in this photo.

In reality, though, Primeros Pinos is not really about the skiing. It is just an added activity that you get to do while visiting the village. It is the peace that the village offers which should be the main reason to visit this beautiful village. It is so far away from everything so that for once, you will let go of all the pressures and tensions of your day to day life and become one with the snow and the mountains.

The little inn is comfortable to stay in, and the food is of great quality as well. Waking up inside your warm, cozy room and heading down to the dining area to have your piping hot breakfast with coffee is only next to nirvana. All in all, Primeros Pinos is a place that is worth spending at least a weekend at.

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