The Best Season For Outdoor Recreation

If you hate winter, you probably haven’t visited any worthwhile outdoor recreation area. Winter provides the best conditions for snowboarding, skiing, and winter Olympics.

The best thing about winter games is the cool weather that prevents occurrences of heatstroke and severe dehydration.

In fact, participating in these outdoor recreation games enables you to stay fit hence avoiding a winter gut.

Rather than spend your winters curled up on the couch, step out and try out these four exciting activities.


Skiing is an ancient hobby that began as early as the 1800s.

Skiing is an ancient hobby that began as early as the 1800s. Nowadays, it’s a favorite recreational activity for friends, families and even corporate team building events. Skiing enables you to work out your arms, torso, waist, and legs. The rapid body movement also improves heart function significantly.

You can rent skiing accessories as an alternative to purchasing new gear when heading for a brief winter vacation. However, it’s advisable to own a pair of new skis due to ease of maintenance and reliability. Always choose skis made from wood and fiberglass because they do not crack easily.


Since snowboarding requires plenty of eye-body coordination, the brain improves its concentration ability

Do you get excited at the possibility of soaring several feet above snow? That’s reason enough to get a good snowboard and head out into the slopes. Did you know that you don’t need to be a good skier in order to learn how to ride a snowboard? It’s actually more affordable compared to the costs of purchasing or hiring skiing equipment.

Snowboarding requires rapid utilization of upper and lower body muscles. A month of snowboarding will tone your legs and belly significantly. The adrenaline produced during frequent sessions helps you to stay happy during and after winter. Since snowboarding requires plenty of eye-body coordination, the brain improves its concentration ability. In short, you’ll perform better at mental tasks because your brain stays alert for longer.

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Snowman Bowling

Snowman bowling players adhere to typical bowling rules

Have you ever played a real bowling game in snow?

Winter is the only season that provides this exciting opportunity. In fact, you don’t need to purchase any equipment. Snowman bowling is great for adults, kids, and groups. You can play this game during the daytime and night. When it gets too cold, you can transfer the game indoors conveniently. Snowman bowling players adhere to typical bowling rules.

To get started, you need a shovel to dig out a bowling lane. Next, gather 2-litre empty bottles to serve as bowling pins. Use plastic bottles since the freezing weather makes glass highly vulnerable. You can use either a soccer or basketball for your bowling ball.

Snow Plow Races

The first team to get their snow boulder across the finish line wins

If you’re looking to participate in team sports, Snow plough racing is an exciting sport for the entire family. You’ll need two teams consisting of two players each and plenty of space.  This sport will enable you to burn off unwanted fat in the arms and upper body. You don’t need a budget for this family-friendly outdoor recreation activity.

First, you need to create two large snow boulders. Your racing track should be flat. Next, set up start and finish lines. The length of your racing track should be at least 10 meters. To play, move the snow boulders to the start line. Each team receives a pair of snow shovels and stands behind a snow boulder.

The first team to get their snow boulder across the finish line wins. Players should carve lanes for navigation then move their snow boulders using the snow shovels.

Final Thoughts

It’s advisable to dress up warmly before participating in any of the winter games explained in this article.

These games are enjoyed best in groups, so feel free to reach out to your family or friends and challenge them.

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